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Welcome! If you skipped over my Home and Start Here pages, I suggest you read them first.

Here’s some more about Schedule U.

It’s a virtual school which is part of 2Time Labs. Both are owned by Framework Consulting Inc, which is a Florida company.

I first had the idea for Schedule U in early 2015, just as I finished my second book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity. I knew that there was little or no help to people who wanted to reach higher scheduling skills. There was some information, but it was fragmented and scattered.

In the past, I had suffered from not having a guide. The manual scheduling techniques I tried worked for a while until I mysteriously saw myself failing. On the advice of a popular guru, I gave up Total Task Scheduling, thinking I had made a big mistake. Once again, I was back to the use of a To-Do List – but this only made things worse.

At that point, I struggled to figure out what I was doing wrong. Fortunately, I found others who were also looking for answers. (Some of them have written articles and books sharing their experiences and research.) The answer in my case? My skills were suitable for only a small number of tasks in the stable environment of a developed country. I discovered that I needed to become a better Total Task Scheduler, not abandon the approach entirely.

Fast forward…When I wrote Perfect Time-Based Productivity in 2014 I laid out my journey… just in time to be overtaken by a new approach altogether, only a few weeks after publication. The use of auto-schedulers has changed everything about Total Task Scheduling, far surpassing the power of digital calendars, which are really only electronic versions of appointment calendars.

It’s the kind of problem we like to tackle at 2Time Labs. I’m an Industrial Engineer and Operations Researcher by training so the kind of challenges the Lab attracts tend to have a combination of human behavior and technology. The challenge of “scheduling everything” combines a fair amount of both sides of the coin.

Other recent challenges I have taken on, sometimes in collaboration with others include the following:

This special report took about two years to write, requiring me to delve into fields such as psychology, philosophy, and linguistics. This paper brings them together in a single place, perhaps for the first time to answer a question in a single deep dive.
These three articles tackled the problem of three selves rolled into. The Notified Self is made up of the Interrupted Self, The Warned Self and the Informed Self. They all describe ways we use technology and information to change our daily behavior and increase our productivity. The main purpose of these articles was to empower people to manage their environment in ways which are empowering.
Task management apps are usually designed to be little more than databases – dry and uninviting. Starting from my experience using an auto-scheduler, I argue that much more can be done to gamify task management apps so they become engaging opportunities for users which are immersive and fun. This goes far deeper than merely making the GUI “fresh” or “clean.”
This article brings together two opposing and sometimes contentious points of view. Schedulers and Listers sometimes claim their approach is best and in this article I show where they both are correct, to some degree.
This second edition of my book is enhanced with the content developed here at ScheduleU on the use of auto-schedulers, and Total Task Scheduling.

Here are other general resources in which you may have an interest.

Total Task Scheduling isn’t the only technique we focus on at 2Time Labs, but the last couple of years have focused on particular evolution and the impact it is having on the working professional.

In addition to working with individuals, we also work with companies. Some are startups which are designing a new application. The most prominent relationship we have is with SkedPal, an auto-scheduling app that’s prominently featured on this site. However, the site supports the success of any program or device in this field.

We also deliver live and online programs within companies, plus individual programs to individuals. These can be found at MyTimeDesign.com.

If you would like to contribute to the work we are engaged in here at ScheduleU, consider joining the inner circle of patrons at my Patreon page.

It’s great to have you here at Schedule U and please use the contact page to ask me any questions you wish, or set up a complimentary consultation via phone or Skype.


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