Beta Testers’ Page of Questions

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Hello Beta Tester,

I’m eager to get some answers to some design question with respect to the content and design of this website.

At the moment, my stated intention is to build a site that offers the best advice available to anyone seeking information on Total Task Scheduling, time-blocking, auto-schedulers, manual scheduling or other related topics.

Here are the questions I’d like you to respond to. Click on the question to go to a page with details on the question.

Q1: What’s the best name to give this site?

Q2: What should this site offer?

Q3: What are your thoughts about the Lessons, Proof and About pages so far? Plus my Placeholder Page?

Q4: Sign up for my series of 12 daily lessons below

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6 Replies to “Beta Testers’ Page of Questions”

  1. If it were me, I’d do some keyword research and see what related terms (maximize schedule, efficient calendar use, etc) offer the best potential.

    The site should offer some basic theory on the approach (everything you need to do should go on your calendar), here’s why that was hard before but better now, here’s what you can gain from doing it this way, here’s how to do it.

  2. Thanks Maura – great ideas.
    Basic theory – I am drafting a “Proof” page which should offer some basis for a working theory. I don’t think one exists, but it would be a start.
    Why that was hard before but better now – that might come from a topic on the evolution of different trends, and maybe show a turning point of some kind. A story with a recent twist.
    Gains – that sounds like a feature/benefit statement

    Thanks much! And thanks for going first also.

  3. On Q3, if I’d paid money for this and got that content, I’d be asking for a refund the same day. I understand that this is developmental, but in it’s current form, the content is pretty superficial. It reads like a series of blog posts, not a workshop. You don’t want people to feel like they could Google the same things and not spend the money.

    Your Proof has more substance than the lessons, and the Proof is the one that bothers me–because it being there so out front and in your face (having multiple pages)–feels like the site is being defensive about the topics. You either own your ideas or you don’t. What is your site about? Is it giving workshops to help people and you make money or is about the proof?

  4. Thanks Linda – very useful!

    The “Lessons” will actually be free – just as they are positioned. It’s not workshop content, but meant to be an introduction to someone who is looking into the idea of scheduling everything. I see them as a bridge for the first-time visitor.

    The “Proof” pages are a bit strange to write – they are a first for me. Would “Theory” be a better label from your point of view?

    At the moment, I am trying to decide how to position the site and am in multiple frames of mind – I guess it shows. I just signed up for an interesting free training on gamification which encompasses 12 weekday lessons and I think I’d like to follow that model.

    I have never seen more than a single blog post on the topic of “scheduling everything” – certainly not a full site – so I am questioning what to put out.

    Thanks for this – just the kind of feedback I am looking for.

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