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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions asked here at Schedule U.

Is there one right way to schedule, or use a calendar?

Not at all. However, Schedule U is all about helping people find the best fit between their daily needs and the options available to them. Fortunately, there are many who have tried different options and much to learn from them.

How can I find the best fit for me?

Our working hypothesis is that the best fit is defined as the one which allows you to effectively manage the volume of time demands (i.e. self-directed tasks) you have in play at any moment of time.

The first step is to evaluate your current skills. We recommend the ETaPS approach borrowed from Perfect Time-Based Productivity.

What skills am I using today?

The popular techniques for using your calendar fall into one of six levels as shown here.

Most people use one level more than others (and most use more than one). Usually they lack an understanding of the entire picture: the different levels and the reasons people move from one to another. Our research shows that users migrate to higher levels in order to do two things:

  • to increase their capacity to handle more time demands, and gain better life balance, especially when spare time is at a premium.
  • to reduce the number of mistakes (which I call “errors-in-execution“) that take place due to a mismatch between their everyday level of operating and the volume of time demands they can handle.

What is time blocking? What is Total Task Scheduling?

I define time blocking as an early stage of Total Task Scheduling. In the beginning, someone at levels 1-3 in the diagram above starts by time blocking their personal and individual commitments. In other words, they put tasks on their calendar for the first time.

Over time, as they become familiar with the technique, they  eventually add all their tasks to their calendar or auto-scheduler.

Where is the cutting edge at the moment?

At the highest level I know of, apps like SkedPal transcend the idea of a list or schedule. Instead, they help users manipulate their time demands using attributes assigned to each one in unique ways, depending on the circumstances at play in the moment.

Which auto-scheduling apps can I use?

I have a bias for SkedPal, which I use daily. (The app’s founder is a client of mine.) However, it’s not the only software available. Here are the other ones I am aware of.

Plus there are apps which have limited auto-scheduling features.

Do you have other questions that deserve to be in this FAQ? Please let me know.