Further Training

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The training we conduct to become a Total Task Scheduler isn’t about learning a single set of skills once. Our experience shows that one level of proficiency isn’t suitable for everyone.

Instead, we encourage each learner to choose a particular level of skill to accomplish. Then, once it’s achieved, we encourage learners to set a new target, but only if their life requires it and they have the necessary motivation.

Here are the skill levels we have identified from our experience interacting with hundreds of trainees.

White Belts maintain a mental calendar or an appointment calendar that’s     either paper or digital. They have a mental To-Do List or one that’s based on paper or a Simple App.

Yellow Belts schedule tasks related to, and required to accomplish appointments and events in their calendars. They use a Complex App to manage their To-Dos.

Orange Belts schedule all their non-habitual tasks using manual methods. They have moved past the use of a To-Do List.

Green Belts use an auto-scheduler to manage all their flexible tasks, in tandem with a fixed, digital calendar.

Blue Belts use special tools to continuously improve their auto-scheduling skills: metrics, games, task history, etc. They maintain a pool of undated tasks.

The skill of using a calendar is gradually developed over time by individuals who need to expand their personal capacity to complete a certain number of tasks. Strictly speaking, Total Task Scheduling belongs to the Orange, Green and Belt levels but it’s actually developed over time in small steps starting at the lowest level of skill – White Belt.


All the training described below follows the ETaPS philosophy which starts with an in-depth understanding of your current behaviors.

Perfect Time-Based Productivity was written just before I discovered auto-schedulers. An updated edition is currently being written to account for this new technology.

In like manner, a new module has been developed for the MyTimeDesign  1.1.Plus+ online training to incorporate the particular skills of auto-scheduling. (It’s not quite ready yet, but stay tuned to or mailings for updates.)

The NewHabits Foundations live training is offered to the public twice per year in the Caribbean. It is also conducted within companies.

We offer Individual Coaching to professionals in client companies as part of our corporate productivity interventions.