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How Can You Provide Content for ScheduleU?

If you are interested in developing guest content on the topic of Total Task Scheduling, here are some guidelines for different channels.

Post on the Main Website –

The two primary criteria for accepting new content of all kinds are as follows:

  1. The ideas expressed must be more than a rehash of ideas already presented on this site. In this case, it pays to read the content already published and to complete A Course in Scheduling in its entirety. Given the unique nature of the topic, it takes a bit of work to come up with a new angle, but it does pay off in terms of readership and brand building.
  2. I prefer articles which have a scientific or factual basis. That may mean digging into the academic literature – but not necessarily. For example, your personal experience can be the basis for a great post, especially if you find a few others who have similar experiences.

If you check out the writing on the following sites you may get an idea of the standard I am trying to reach:

But no pressure… if you have a draft already completed send it along and I will add on the kind of questions that I think it leads to that, if answered, would make it absolutely unique!

Social Proof

If you have already published content that supports the ideas behind Total Task Scheduling, then you may request that I add it to the list of “supporters” of the idea. It doesn’t need to be as “highfalutin” as the posts I mentioned earlier. If it’s a first-hand account that would be useful to share, send that also…please.

Audio, Video, Tweets, Infographics, Quizzes, Interactives, Assessments, Calculators, Quora Q&A’s, etc.

If your content on this topic has been featured in any shape or form, please do share. At the very list, I’ll tweet it out to my audience.

Special Topics

If your content happens to demonstrate your knowledge of certain groups who use Total Task Scheduling, you will definitely get my attention. The ideal individual who uses this technique fits this stereotypes: he/she is a Type A individual with strong entrepreneurial tendencies, and shows some traits of ADHD. They are ambitious and highly self-directed.

Other Opportunities

If you have run out of new ideas and/or find content creation a challenge, here are some other interactive ways to expand your thinking.

  • Join the Inner Lab. It’s my personal think-tank which tackles one topic per cohort before disbanding after about a year.
  • Help me edit the next edition of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. I write my books with the help of 50-100 editors, some of who are thought-leaders, some of whom aren’t. While some focus on grammar, flow and syntax, others look at the big picture leading to some interesting interactions. Given the fact that the next edition will include just about all the good ideas from this site, plus a few more, it could be a fun opportunity. If you are interested, click ReplytoFrancis and let me know.

FYI, I have a mailing list for content creators. Membership is free – click on this link to find out more.

Contact me

If all this information hasn’t scared you off, then contact me with either an outline or drafted piece. I am likely to suggest some improvements, however, so be prepared to work with me to take it to the next level!