Q2: What should this site offer?

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Q2: What should this site offer?

With the stated purpose of this site in mind, what kind of help would you be personally looking to receive? What would make this site a compelling place to visit?

My hypothesis is that this topic attract the most ambitious, busy people who create lots of time demands and have a hard time managing them. The idea of scheduling everything is not new to them. They already hope (or believe) it is possible because their current approach of using a To-Do list without durations, start times and due dates is not working.

What would they want to find at Schedule U?

4 Replies to “Q2: What should this site offer?”

  1. My preferred approach is understanding what best works for you. Everyone’s situation will be different so gathering tips and tricks from the first person presentation can be useful.

    Also, you’ll need to convince those who work by task rather than scheduling everything that the latter is a better idea. Or at the very least, present how they could give that a trial run for themselves to see a benefit.

  2. The tag o he current site says, “Techniques, Tools and Methods for Maximizing Your Calendar.” I am thinking that was your thinking about what the site would offer when you created with it, and are looking for either confirmation or something you hadn’t thought of before. I think what you have is good.

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