Q3: Lessons, Proof and About Pages plus Placeholder Page

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Would you let me know how I can improve the Lessons, Proof and About pages, plus the pages under each menu item?

Also, check out the placeholder I have created at www.ScheduleU.org. Do you have any ideas about ways I cold improve it?

Let me know in the comments below!


2 Replies to “Q3: Lessons, Proof and About Pages plus Placeholder Page”

  1. I like the layout, the content is good (except for Proof!) and will improve over time. I like the fact that they are not over-cluttered and that you aren’t boastful about how great everything will be if only people buy your $3999 course (with free bonuses that are a $2538 value! And are not available anywhere else!)

  2. Keith – Damn… I knew I left something out… 😉 Let’s see… $3999-$2538=….

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