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If you are new to the idea of time-blocking, calendar-blocking or time-boxing, this is an excellent place to begin.

Welcome to my website and to my world. I’m Francis Wade and I’m the person who started Schedule U., a place where you can learn how to be effective in managing the tasks in your calendar.

I  have been leading programs to teach people how to use their calendar in sophisticated ways for over 15 years. I have used all the techniques we teach here at ScheduleU myself and have written about them extensively. At the moment I use an auto-scheduler as I describe in my book. (For more, see my personal About page.)

The website is built on three pillars: my own experience, academic research, and theories I share in my book and website. Here are some of the ideas we teach.

I refer to time-blocking as a “super-power” each person can develop. Think of the powers Batman displays. He’s human, but over the years he’s developed high skills which allow him to fight crime.

As someone who is reading these pages,  you probably would benefit from having these powers in the area of your personal productivity. Or perhaps you are interested in making them available to other people.

  1. If you are looking for opportunities to become more productive, then I recommend that you sign up immediately for A Course in Scheduling. We offer this training to orient you to the inside secrets related to  Total Task Scheduling. During the program, you will develop a plan of action which will make it easy to take the best steps possible towards dealing with an exceptional number of demands on your time. The Course is meant for all levels – from beginners to experienced users of auto-schedulers. As you progress, you will meet others who are also in the same boat, working through similar issues. They tend to be ambitious, creative types who routinely come up with more interesting, fun or essential things to do than time will allow.
  2. If you are a designer of software programs who wants to create apps for this audience, visit the page for App Designers. The same applies if you happen to design devices, planners, wall calendars or any other type of product or service which helps the Total Task Scheduler do a better job. The key is to develop an in-depth appreciation of the habits, practices and rituals needed to demonstrate these super-powers. There are lots of yawning gaps to be filled by new software.
  3. If you are a researcher or just someone who is curious about the theoretical side of things, you will find some of the school’s foundation thinking under the Resources tab. I have pages for Academic Research, Non-Academic Research, Social Proof, and even A History of Total Task Scheduling. If your curiosity is driven by a desire to consult or coach with companies or individuals, this is a good place to start if you want to differentiate your offerings.

Becoming an Expert Scheduler

Regardless of where you start, what you will learn is how to develop skills at managing your tasks using your calendar. Given this destination, we take a slightly different approach from other similar learning experiences.

The reason is simple: research shows you started scheduling your tasks as an adolescent using your memory, and over the years have forged self-taught methods. Therefore, understanding what you currently do is a necessary first step to making any changes. (This may be a departure from one-size-fits-all solutions you have have encountered before.)

When you begin A Course in Scheduling, I’ll show you how to use the four-step ETaPS method described below.

As you follow these steps, you will build a mid-term improvement plan based on your intended change in habits, practices, and rituals. Because you are unique,  your plan must be custom built… by you.

It will include improvements I suggest in the lessons, but you may even find yourself adding in upgrades from my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity. My overall goal is to help you find a way to keep making improvements on an ongoing basis for several years, even as technology changes.

As you will learn, there are some experts who argue that time-blocking or Total Task Scheduling is impossible, or a reckless approach, or worse. I’ll help you see that they are partially correct (some people shouldn’t try), but missing some important data.

At the end, you will be able to sort out conflicting ideas and make personal progress.

So go ahead, sign up for A Course in Scheduling. It’s the best way to get going.