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Join me for 12 days – A Course in Scheduling

Take my free program and discover what I have been teaching thousands of people for over a decade – the art and science of Total Task Scheduling. It’s the ideal technique for non-professional endurance athletes who must squeeze their training into a life that’s already full.

Learn about manual techniques vs. using auto-schedulers, the 7 core skills of Total Task Schedulers, the science behind “scheduling everything” and more.

Achieve race preparation, life balance, precise daily execution, fewer errors and greater achievement.

New Frameworks

You will learn new frameworks for evaluating your current skills as a person who creates stretch goals.  Once you have used the 6  Level Model, the ETaPS method, and the 7 Core Behaviors I will show you how to use your evaluation to craft your own plan for continuous improvement in Total Task Scheduling. You will master the nuances of this technique and see why you must become a better manager of your time in order to take on the bigger challenge of longer races or better times.

One Step at a Time

Each weekday you’ll receive a single lesson that delves into a single aspect of Total Task Scheduling. There’s at least one practical step to take at the end of each lesson, giving you a way to analyze or improve your current workflow immediately.

Join a Community

Meet others who are also becoming Total Task Schedulers – passionate professionals who care about their tools and the methods they use. Get help and share your experience, while learning from others who are further along on their journey towards greater capacity.

 Triathlete, Become

a Total Task Scheduler

to Achieve Your Goals


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