Start Here

If you are new to the idea of time-blocking, calendar-blocking or time-boxing, this is an excellent place to begin.

I’m Francis Wade and I’m the person who started Schedule U, a place where you can learn how to be effective in managing your tasks from your calendar.

I  have been leading programs in sophisticated calendar techniques for over 15 years. I have used all the techniques we teach here at ScheduleU myself and have written about them extensively. At the moment I use an auto-scheduler as I describe in my book. (For more, see my personal About page.)

The website is built on three pillars: my first-hand experience, academic research, and theories I share in my book and website. It’s purpose is to help you become a great Mega-Tasker – someone who manages an inordinate number of tasks. (We also call them Mighty-Taskers.)

What does “inordinate” mean? For most, it means that you actively manage some more than one hundred tasks in different places. These tasks don’t include aren’t habitual actions, like brushing your teeth. Instead, the reason you must manage them is that if you don’t, they might slip away, causing missed due dates and goals.

Why are you here? Here are three possible reasons.

1. To Become More Productive

If you are looking for opportunities to become more productive, then I recommend that you sign up immediately for the waitlist for A Course in Scheduling.

This training started as a free offering but is been upgraded to a full training lasting several weeks. The intent is to give you the tools and insight you need to plan for a future of even more tasks.

It offers no fixed formula, but a way to plan your next sequence of upgrades so that you’re ready when the time comes to make some changes.

2. Design an App

If you are a designer of software programs for an audience of Mega Taskers, visit the page for App Designers. The same applies if you happen to design devices, planners, wall calendars or any other type of product or service which helps the time blocker do a better job. You can register on that page for updates after researching some of the content we have developed.

3. Do Research

If you are a researcher or just someone who is curious about the theoretical side of things, you will find some of the school’s foundation thinking under the Resources tab. We have pages for Academic Research, Non-Academic Research, Social Proof, and even A History of Total Task Scheduling. If your curiosity is driven by a desire to consult or coach with companies or individuals, this is a good place to start if you want to differentiate your offerings.

Becoming an Expert Mega-Tasker and Scheduler

In all three cases mentioned, there are some things you need to know in order to become more expert. Here at ScheduleU, our job is to help you climb a ladder of skills and knowledge so that you can meet your goals.

In that context, we see advanced task management tools and techniques as a requirement for busy professionals: people who can’t get by using approaches designed for fewer tasks.

Our philosophy regarding busy, ambitious people is simple: as they add increasingly challenging goals, they add more tasks than the average person. In other words, they drive themselves to become Mega-Taskers.

In the process, they continually bump into the upper limit of whatever habits, practices, devices and apps they currently use. This forces them to evolve.

Given the fact that the resources for an evolving Mega-Tasker are hard to find, some become disempowered, or depressed, especially when the stuff that works for others fails miserably for them. They often doubt themselves.

People tell them to scale back their ambitions…to cut down the number of tasks they are trying to manage.

Here at ScheduleU we encourage you to use the latest research, the newest technologies, our annual virtual summit and an online community to continue your growth.

Welcome to your next level! It’s our pleasure to help you get to a place of confidence in your ability to continually expand your capacity.

Begin your journey by joining our waiting list for the newest version of our training, A Course in Scheduling which is currently being revamped. Then, check out the other resources we have available.