Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage your tasks from your calendar?

Perhaps you have already started: you are time blocking (or calendar-blocking or time- boxing) your schedule. In other words, you are placing tasks in your calendar and managing them as a complete set of commitments.

These are “flexible Tasks” – they don’t have a fixed time and you can choose any time slot you wish. They aren’t like an appointment with another person.

By scheduling your tasks you are trying to become more efficient than if you were to leave them on a to-do list, or attempt to manage them with your personal memory. You are actually a member of a movement. Millions are using this technique, assisted by digital tools, to increase their productivity and keep their peace of mind. It’s an easy skill to understand and explain.

But it’s not an easy skill to master.

Here you’ll learn that time-blocking is an easy concept in theory, as long as you are only trying to manage a small number of tasks. Unfortunately, as the number of tasks you are attempting to time block increases, it becomes quite challenging to achieve a sustainable, daily practice.

The reason?

Factors ranging from task psychology, to app design and habit patterns all combine into a perfect storm. Consequently, most people who try to time block a large number of tasks fail, swearing that the technique doesn’t work.

In this school, you’ll find that they’re mistaken, according to those who practice the technique plus the latest research. You’ll hear from them all, plus access the largest library of case studies and recommendations to help you time block more tasks with increasingly greater skill.

Plus, we’ll help you choose the best apps to use and update you when the newest ones emerge.

Together, we’ll help you fulfill your original dream: to be more effective and have more peace of mind by managing all your appointments and tasks in a single, unified place.

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