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Several content authors have mentioned the importance of time blocking in their work. Here is a sample of their articles, podcasts, and videos.

Controlling Your Own Schedule by Steve Pavlina

The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders: Extreme Productivity with Kevin Kruse (32 min)

How to Boost Your Productivity With One Easy Hack by Daphne Gray-Grant

Future triathletes: it’s time to schedule everything by Jeff Dauler

Podcast – Scheduling Techniques to Free Up Your Time 1:02

Use Time Blocking to Increase Your Productivity by Penny Zenker

How and Why  Schedule Every Minute (Video) by Shawn Blanc

A Better Way to Manage Your To-Do List by Peter Bregman

Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You by Shane Parrish

How a Zero-Based Calendar Can Supercharge Your Productivity by Melanie Deziel

SortedbyLori – How to Organize Your Life with Google Calendar

Amy Landino – Time Management Tips that Work

Amiyrah Martin- How to Time Block and Handle a Schedule Change

Helen Peterson – Go Beyond Time Blocking to Time Mapping
LuSundra Everett – Time Blocking Increases Productivity

Tracy Hensel – Organization Tips – Block Scheduling

Chelly and Shelly – How to Create a Calendar

Lavendaire- How to Make Time For Everything You Want to Do

Dr. Deb Knobelman – This is How to Plan a Day

Here is a list of other links of interest.

Time blocking videos by ScheduleU/Francis Wade
Playlist of Time Blocking Vloggers
Playlist of Time Blocking for Realtors and Salespeople

Other links