Q1: What’s the best name to give this site?

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Q1: What’s the best name to give this site?

This is a two-part question… what should the domain name be? How about the extension?

Here are some names/extensions I have thought of:

ScheduleU.com or .org or .info

SchoolofScheduling.com or .org or .edu

TotalTaskScheduling.com or .org or .info

Other something else altogether.

What do you think? I’m looking around for better ideas…


10 Replies to “Q1: What’s the best name to give this site?”

  1. The name should epitomize the concept behind the project – like if its a “U” – this dictates a beginning – a high point – low point and an upward progression to finality……..(interesting??)…….

    Have I given enough clues???….

    This should cater to both the extension & the domain…… ‘back to you’…

  2. Barbara,

    That’s a great idea – can’t believe I missed that one. I think I may use it as an alternate because it’s just SO good!

    Thanks so much.

  3. If scheduleU.com has gone, I would avoid scheduleU completely – too much risk of confusion.
    Don’t much like SchoolOfScheduling – scheduling has connotations of manufacturing
    TotalTaskScheduling is good

  4. In an abundance of laziness, I’m stuck with ScheduleU.org. But TotalTaskScheduling.something is looking interesting… I may use that as an alternative when I get that $3999 program together.

  5. Also- sorry to everyone who left earlier social media comments. The plugin I was using crashed, taking them away.

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