An Assessment of Your Task Management – mid COVID-19

Perhaps you aren’t alone in wondering what’s happened…the advent of COVID-19 has dumped a whole bunch of new tasks in your lap. As a result, some of them are slipping through the cracks. Others are sitting in your task management app or planner…orphaned.

What’s the best way to respond?

If you have ever been told that there is a single perfect set of habits or apps to pick up, I may have some surprising news…it’s not true.

While making the right choices is important, here’s an approach scientists take to solving tricky problems such as task management: they start by understanding the current reality.

Now, you can do the same…using a 20 minute assessment of your current task management setup i.e. the process, apps and devices you use. 

It’s been updated since the Time Blocking Summit earlier this year, based on the latest information shared by both our expert speakers, and those who are working away in labs around the world. 

If you use it, you’ll be able to figure out where your system of habits and apps is strong, weak or in need of improvement. The benefits of this approach?

– you’ll know in 20 minutes where your skills compare against best practices in 13 fundamental areas of task management

– you’ll figure out which skills to focus on improving and which ones to leave alone

– you’ll spend only another 10-15 minutes putting together a realistic, 6 month plan of gradual improvement

– you’ll have a profile or baseline which can be used to track your future progress

The biggest payoff? You won’t waste time wondering whether or not you are improving the right thing at this time of pandemic pressure, second-guessing yourself. Also, say goodbye to random Google searches for help. Now you’ll be confident that you are working on the area that makes sense to your specific needs, rather than ones which pertain to the average person.

Take our satisfaction guaranteed assessment today and be inspired to get going in less than an hour…with confidence.

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