Disclaimer and Disclosure

As a guest here at ScheduleU, you need to know the following:

I, Francis Wade, am more than a user of SkedPal. I actively consult with the developers of the software under a long-standing arrangement. As my client, I am committed to making the software and the company do well.

However, ScheduleU is intended to be an independent entity which helps people schedule everything, regardless of the software they use or the methods they employ. This means that my intent is to help everyone succeed, whatever path they may choose.

I’m not interested in zero-sum thinking, or fighting over a small pie. I am unabashedly about increase the size of the pie dramatically. In other words, I won’t rest until there is an auto-scheduler installed on every digital calendar in the world.

With that goal in mind, on this site I offer reviews which point out the strengths and weaknesses of difference apps, products, books, approaches, methods, etc. I try to be as unbiased as possible, but I don’t pretend to be perfect.

If my standards are insufficiently high, I invite you to look elsewhere for assistance.

If you stick around, I will do my best to constructive and impartial, even though I am inherently biased in my opinions. I promise to give this goal my utmost energy.