Imagine a return to something you lost….the thrill of steady improvements to your task management…

…without having to wait for a stroke of luck, or wasting time doing an ad-hoc search.

All you need is a way to pinpoint the best changes to your current system in a matter of minutes, rather than months or years.

(No rehash of basic ideas for beginners – I promise!)

Let me introduce you to a method I started sharing in 2007. It’s been the secret sauce used in all my training, webinars and books for an audience of thousands since then. You can use it to recover the thrill of learning, growing and getting better at a crucial skill.

NewHabits I – Foundations is a live but virtual personal workshop. I teach it myself and it takes 7 hours in total, split into two days.

You learn how to pinpoint and execute the most important improvements to your workflow i.e. your task management.

It’s built on the idea that we each need to craft a custom plan of action, because our current methods of managing our tasks are unique. But this isn’t about theory: you walk away with a full formed plan of action based on your complete in-class assessment.


Save your seat immediately for just $299

for the training on April 1st and 8th


caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have a history of making improvements to your workflow using concepts like GTD. Some were successful, and you have a track record that stretches back to the moment when you attempted your first improvements.

But recently, it’s been harder to recapture that same experience. Even though you have been looking for new behaviors and fresh technology, there is a LOT to choose from. Plus, there are new suggestions coming out every day from experts, authors and app developers.

You realize that you can’t keep up – there are too many new things coming out to try them all, or even track them down. (Spoiler alert: you don’t have to.)

So how should you go about finding and implementing the best improvements to your task management?


You don’t need a new guru to recommend a list of mandatory practices you need to implement, or else. And you don’t need to download a particular app.

Once you have passed the beginner level, what makes a difference is not finding the right compulsory prescription from an expert author or developer.

Instead, it all comes down to examining your current workflow in a structured manner. Then, using your findings to make a plan of improvement you can start to implement immediately.

How would you transform the next year or two if you knew exactly which changes you needed to make that would yield the greatest improvement?

Could you use the Pareto Effect, to feel confident and efficient knowing where to focus your improvements and why?

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time to figure out the best improvements, or be left on your own to coach yourself without any guidance.


Introducing NewHabits I Foundations

The NEW way to uplevel your task management and boost your productivity.

Now you can continue to make one improvement after another, so that you can keep being excited about the progress you’re making.

Whether you are just starting out or have read every book there is, the NewHabits I will transform and accelerate the way you think about making improvements to your task management.

It’s based on the idea that as a non-beginner, you need to take a different approach.

Way back when you made your very first improvement efforts, it was thrilling. You found specific recommendations from someone who was an expert and applied them, and it worked!

But now, having used them, they no longer give you the improvements you want at this more mature stage. Your reaction? Some people double down and try to apply the original recommendations with more energy.

Others search for new experts to tell them which practices they should begin or app they should use.

Neither approach works, but it’s not their fault. They don’t recognize that they have hit a turning point where they need to change gears, and transform their entire approach.

You may need to make “the switch” also…from being a good follower of someone else’ specific mandates, to becoming a masterful self-diagnostician.

The phrase is a mouthful! But it describes what high performers do according to Dr. Allan Church in his research. Their self-assessments matched those of their peers. In other words, they were working with a more accurate map of their abilities.

And so can you.

In the area of your productive task management, you have probably seen the activities broken down in different ways. We take that a step further, so that once your self-assessment is complete, you are left looking at a precise profile of your skills…perhaps for the first time. Here’s an example.

Here is a complete profile after NewHabits I and II.

Where does this profile come from? It covers all 13 fundamentals addressed in NewHabits I and II.

In NewHabits I – Foundations, I’ll coach you through the process of analyzing the 7 Essentials of your task management system – Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling and Listing.

To do so, you’ll learn and use the 4 Step ETaPS  Questions (Evaluate, Target, Plan and Support). As we apply them to each fundamental, your profile will emerge.

But that’s just the beginning.

Once your assessment is complete, I’ll show you how to craft a plan of improvement and build a support system that prevents failure.

The training takes place live, online in two 3.5 hour sessions. They are led by me, Francis Wade, the creator of this approach. Here they are, summarized in a list.

Step 1 – Learn the ETaPS Questions (Evaluate, Target, Plan and Support)
Step 2 – Deconstruct and Assess Yourself in the 7 Essential Fundamentals (Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling, Listing)
Step 3 – Interpret Your Results and Craft a Pareto Improvement Plan
Step 4 – Plan Improvements with the help of me, your coach and other participants
Step 5 – Build in Supports for Behavior and Technology Changes

Here are some of the details of the special tools you’ll be using.


What tools will we be using?


1. Online Rapid Assessments (pre-class) and Final Assessment (in-class). These are based on more than a decade of rigorous research. The rapid assessment takes 20 minutes and uses a proprietary, algorithm. The final assessment is based on an-depth understanding of each fundamental, gained with my help. I help you deconstruct each fundamental into sub-behaviors.

2. Fillable Forms. To track your progress, you’ll receive an online master form. This will be your personal profile. I’ll also introduce you to the Cheat Sheets and Component Chart. These tools helps you make the most of the Pareto Improvement concept, in which small changes make a big difference.

3. Case Studies to Interpret Your Scores. You’ll learn the art and science behind converting a personal profile into an improvement plan, and why it’s still evolving. I’ll show you the profiles from past students to help you analyze the results of your own assessments. This is a first step in developing a lifelong skill.

4. Virtual Community of Learners. I’ll invite you to join a private community of learners who have also completed their self-assessment. It’s the best way to get immediate help in improving your implementation plan. (Your membership is good for one year.)


Plus there are some bonuses…

Bonus #1 – Perfect Time-Based Productivity audiobook and pdf ($40 value)
The book covers much of the material we cover in NewHabits I and II, plus references to the underlying scientific research.

Bonus #2 – Semi-Annual Webinar on Self-Assessment ($199 value)
This is the very best way to keep up with the latest happenings in the field of task management improvement. I’m the host, but I may bring along the occasional guest speaker. You’ll get to interact and ask questions, live. Plus, you can submit your queries ahead of time.

Bonus #3 – Individual Coaching Session ($199 value)
For a limited time, you receive a 30-minute coaching call with me. Claim this bonus within the first three months of your membership in the community.

Bonus #4 – 50% Discount on NewHabits II – Advanced
Register during the special discount period and in this follow-on program, you’ll apply the same approach to these fundamentals – Switching, Interrupting, Warning, Reviewing, Habiting and Flowing.

Bonus #5 – A Full All Access Pass ($249 value)
The 2022 Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit is over, but the pre-recorded and live videos have been packaged together for you. You’ll receive this pass to all the content for free.

Together, these bonuses are worth over $750 and are only applicable to the class starting on April 1st.


Save your seat immediately for just $299

for the training on April 1st and 8th

By registering for NewHabits I Foundations you’ll immediately start preparing for the first session from 9:00am -12:30 Eastern on Friday, April 1, 2022. The second session will take place at the same time on Friday April 8th.

While the program has been offered to hundreds of live participants in face-to-face classrooms since 2007, the virtual version is relatively new to our audience. As such, we are offering an introductory price of $299.

Contrasted with my hourly coaching rate, this program offers a considerable discount.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try NewHabits Risk-Free with my 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

You may be intrigued by what you’re reading, curious about spending time with me and other learners. But you may still feel a bit nervous about the value you’ll receive. I want you to feel great about your purchase, which is why I offer a 15-day money-back guarantee.

While I can’t say the exact improvement you and others will make, or a jump to a Green Belt/Gold Level within a few months, I can guarantee that you will transform the way you think about improving your task management forever. Your Pareto Improvement Plan will be the evidence.

Plus, during the next year, you’ll be so focused on making quality progress that you’ll be safe from the temptation of “bright shiny objects.”

If you purchase NewHabits I Foundations I and aren’t satisfied with what you find inside, just send me a message from within 15 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money.

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Francis Wade,

I’m an author and management consultant, plus a teacher of task management and time blocking for over two decades. A Cornell graduate with B.S./M.Eng. degrees in Operations Research, I spent the first part of my career at the world famous AT&T Bell Laboratories in their Systems Engineering Department.

Using what I learned at Bell Labs, I started doing the research for NewHabits while leading time management programs in the early 2000’s. I wasn’t happy with the one-size-fits-all solutions available.

This led me to create the pilot for NewHabits in 2007. Gathering data from students, I used the findings and research from academic journals to write Perfect Time-Based Productivity. The book became an time management top 10 best seller.

Nowadays, I host the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit (2020-22) and Podcast. Also, I am a regular guest on the Productivitycast podcast, plus other conferences and webinars. NewHabits recently made the transition from a face-to-face class to one that is online.

People who hear my accent ask “Where are you from?”, which is a bit complicated to answer. I was born on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Massachusetts, but I spent my early years in Kingston, Jamaica. While I live on the island now, I spent 20+ adult years between New York, New Jersey and Florida. I have also visited every state on the east coast.

Given my focus on helping Type A personalities, I readily admit to my fair share of those tendencies. Being married has toned things down a bit (plus a lot of coaching) but I haven’t lost the Type A habit of creating lots of tasks, in line with some pretty big commitments. As I share in my book, I had to make several pivots to keep up.

If you’re someone who also cares about improving your system of task management, and being more productive, join me on this journey! The time we spend together will be well worth it. Guaranteed.


NewHabits I – Foundations is right for you if…

– You have made past improvements in your task management and want to continue your progress.
– You are a (somewhat?) Type A personality who keeps setting ambitious goals which put stress on your workflow.
– You can see a connection between setting your goals, crafting projects, and giving yourself lots of tasks.
– You’re ready to give up the time, effort, energy and frustration spent re-reading old, generic materials or searching for solutions from external sources. – You’re ready to take an inside-out approach instead of following the mandates or examples of others who say “Do it my way or not at all!”

Save your seat immediately for just $299

for the training on April 1st and 8th


What prior experience do I need to have?

No background or knowledge is required to make the most of NewHabits I and II. As a functioning adult, you already have methods to manage your tasks i.e. a workflow. You’ll be discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your system in this training.

Is further training possible?

This program is designed to be followed by NewHabits II – Advanced. It uses the same approach to cover the Advanced Fundamentals and Executables (Switching, Interrupting, Warning, Reviewing, Habiting and Flowing.) During special bonus periods, you’ll receive a discount to register.

What if I have issues logging in, or accessing content?

Contact me immediately at

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a no questions asked, money-back guarantee within 15 days of the completion of NewHabits I.

Do I require any special software?

Just a computer with a browser. We use Airmeet and Mighty Network Platforms. A phone may offer limited access. A tablet other than a Chromebook may not work. Read here for more help.

What will be the class size?

The introductory training is designed for 15 people or less.