Receive Some Specific Feedback

So far, you have completed a quick, initial assessment of the flexible task volume that your current setup can handle. You may also realize that when you must manage more flexible tasks than your setup can handle, unpleasant things can occur.

But that quiz was only a rough start. Let’s take a deep dive by using a more precise calculator to generate some specific recommendations. While it also focuses on where you store your flexible tasks, we’ll complete 3 steps that are more precise.

Step 1: Where do you store your flexible tasks? (This time around, your total cannot exceed 100%.)

Step 2: How many unwanted symptoms do you currently experience?

Step 3: What are some specific recommendations you can implement that will alleviate these symptoms?

Once again, we’ll define a “flexible task” as one whose placement in your calendar is unrestricted. In other words, you can perform this kind of task whenever you want without being limited by external commitments such as meeting attendees who must be present.

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