Summit Special

MyTimeDesign Plus+ (my online training in the 13 fundamentals) is normally priced at $699 but if you sign up for the free preview during the summit, you qualify for a 40% discount. The next launch of the program will be in June 2020. Click here to visit the page with the free preview.

NewHabits Foundations will be offered in Kingston, Jamaica in September 2020. This one day in-person classroom training has a waiting list you can join by clocking here.

You can purchase a copy of Perfect Time-Based Productivity at my book’s website which has links to There are versions available in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Plus, there’s an audio version available for purchase at my site.

To access A Course in Scheduling II special price of $99, simply purchase your All Access Pass before the summit ends and then register for and start the free preview of A Course in Scheduling II here. This adds you to my list of students to contact when the program reopens for a new cohort in April.

If you would like to take A Course in Scheduling as a standalone program, simply follow the instructions above and send me a message letting me know –

close-up view of young woman checking her agenda on a mobile phone. All screen graphics are made up.