The Evergreen Guide to Choosing Your Next Task Management App

There are moments in your professional career when you start to suspect, or already know, that it’s time for an upgrade.

Your computer is running slow. Smartphone full of apps. Professional clothes looking a bit dated. These are easy examples.

When it comes to your blend of habits, practices, apps and devices, the choices are not quite as clear. Furthermore, the advice you receive is confusing and even contradictory. Plus, it’s sometimes stale.

I wrote the Evergreen Guide to address these problems. Most of the advice you see isn’t based on research, but on an individual’s experience. So it’s limited.  Sign up for the guide and you’ll see why there’s a better, sustainable way to consider your choices…based on task volume.
When you use this single attribute as your guide, the choices become far simpler and so does your path from what you use today to a new, better combination of behaviors and technologies that serves your needs. Access this unique information today. It’s offered here at ScheduleU at no cost.

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