Time Blocking Survey Results

Recently, here at 2Time Labs/ScheduleU I sent our followers a survey asking some questions about time blocking summit. Specifically, I wanted to know what they would like to see in the upcoming virtual summit being held in March 2020. Here are some highlights of the answers received.

Prior Summit Experience

To my surprise, some 39% had never attended a virtual summit, and about half of that number didn’t know what such an event is. This was good to know! Being close to these online events in the past few years has certainly made me assume that everyone knows exactly what they are all about.

In summary, a virtual summit is an online conference, with more opportunities to interact with people than its live counterpart. Most are free to attend while they are live, but charge a fee to access the replays.

Focus Areas

I asked respondents to rank their interest in four pre-defined focus areas.

1 – Task Scheduling Habits, Practices and Balance

2 – Analytics: Task Tracking, Measurement, Gamification

2 (tie)- Flow, Deep Work, Distractions, Interruptions

4 – Aids: Technology, Paper, Devices, AI, Apps

I wasn’t surprised at the first choice, but only 7% chose #4 – Aids as their first choice. This was surprising because everyone uses an aid of some kind, even if it’s just their memory.

I suspect this means that most people are happy with their current choice.

I also asked further questions within each area to determine which sub-areas are of greatest interest. Here are the results, in order of preference.

Task Scheduling Habits: Recovering from Disruptions
Flow/Deep Work: Preparing for Flow/Deep Work, Managing Flow/Deep Work Sessions
Analytics: Time Tracking
Aids: Manual Task Apps/Calendars, Reminders, New Technologies

Special Interest Groups

In the survey, I offered up a long list of different groups of people who have shown an interest in time blocking. The top groups chosen were:
Busy Parents

I requested recommendations for speakers who attendees would like to hear from and there was little consensus. But I did receive some helpful sugestions which I have looked into.


Thankfully, the feedback confirmed that the planning work in the background has been mostly on-track. There are some adjustments to make, and some speakers to track down plus some basic explanations to provide potential attendees.

If you missed the original survey, click here for access to the system-generated report.

Quick update: The summit is shaping up to be truly the first of its kind. We are designing it as a workshop of sorts; an intense learning event that follows a planned trajectory from start to finish. The goal of delivering a transformation for those who attend is a big challenge, but there are methods we are using to increase the odds that it’s met over the three days of participation. The speakers’ response has been quite positive, and work has begun on their presentations.