Unwanted Symptoms

A key concept we have echoed here at ScheduleU is the notion that people’s methods for task management are invisible to them until they experience too many unwanted symptoms. Here are some of the common complaints they say to themselves and others, or others say to them.

Symptoms people experience when they can't manage all their tasks.

In the heat of the moment, few are able to connect their immediate, negative experience with the quality of their time-based productivity skills.

But here at ScheduleU, we treat them as an indicator of a turning point: the moment when the number of tasks you are trying to manage exceeds the capacity of your current setup. It’s a sign that your combination of habits, practices, apps and devices for task management is no longer able to keep up with the inevitable increase in tasks most people experience.

In other words, the presence of these symptoms are to be expected for ambitious, driven people who are always looking to accomplish greater results.

Take a moment to see which symptoms may be yours, and which ones you are experiencing that aren’t on the above list.

Here’s a hint: when do you say to yourself “I wish I had more time”? This utterance may indicate an emotional point of stress caused by an increase in tasks – the usual culprit.

Here at ScheduleU, the point is to find practical ways to forge more capacity at will, thereby reversing the unwanted symptoms.