Block Scheduling – A New Alternative?

I just viewed a video from Jordan Page’s vlog sharing a technique that she’s named “Block Scheduling.”

While it’s not altogether new, it emphasizes a decent middle-ground for people who are making the transition to Total Task Scheduling for the first time or looking to refine their manual approach.

Take a look at the video for a definition. She separates the day into blocks, and assigns particular kinds of tasks to each one.

Unfortunately, she’s still using manual methods. She doesn’t seem to be aware of programs like SkedPal which would fit in well with her system, while helping her make sure that she never overruns each block with too many task. In SkedPal, for example, a block is simply the same as a user’s Time Map.

Using the app would help prevent the assignment of too many tasks to a given bucket, while suggesting the best task to work on at any moment in time. These are critical features for the Ultra-Busy person to have.