Perfect Time-Based Productivity in Audio, Spanish and Portuguese

As you probably realize, ScheduleU is one of the first (and so far few) websites committed to the idea that people can learn how to schedule everything.

The second edition of my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity also may be the very first to share what it’s like to make the transition to Total Task Scheduling via the use of an auto-scheduler. In the first chapter, I share the shock I went through, just after the first edition was published, to discover SkedPal. It offered a steep learning curve back then, as I truly was entering territory no-one had even described to me before.

Fortunately, there’s some help available today here at ScheduleU. No-one need be alone as they transform their habits and software.

The book is available as a Kindle or paperback on Amazon, but there’s more.

Via the diligence of others, it’s also available  in Portuguese and Spanish.

Furthermore, I spent the early part of this year finishing up the audio version, which can be purchased here.

I hope one of these versions fit in with your learning needs.

P.S. The French version only covers the first edition, but if it’s ever updated, Kindle promises to update the buyer with the new version at no cost.

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