On a Personal, COVID-Related Note

During the Time Blocking Summit in March 2020, one of our presenters was stuck in China. She couldn’t commit to doing a live session because she had no idea where she would be.

“How strange” I thought.

Just a few days later, life here in Jamaica abruptly shifted into its first COVID-19 shutdown. Schools were instantly closed and people stopped commuting to their offices. Advertising and communication paused as projects were cancelled.

Here at ScheduleU, we also paused, unsure how to proceed. While we had lots of post-summit action-plans in place, they all seemed to be inappropriate. The pandemic was spreading and people were passing away. As you know, this was unprecedented.

I’m sure your life took a few surprising zigs and zags.

But I’ll bet you never stopped time blocking. Neither did I. In fact, it became an even more important tool to use in a time of massive distractions. Such as…

While I waited to see what direction to take, I decided to do some routine maintenance on my server in May. Fortunately, it revealed a malware attack which too down all my websites, including this one.

With a major virtual conference only weeks away (in another niche), it meant that I had to drop everything and focus on addressing the emergency. Once the event was over, I turned my attention to recovering my sites from the blighted server.

That was last week.

Thankfully, we are some four months away from hosting the next Task Management and Time Blocking Virtual Summit on March 4-6, 2021. Plus, I’ll be bringing the Mighty-Taskers online community back to life as a key component.

This has been a uniquely challenging year in so many ways.

How has your year been? Send me a note on Twitter.