How Scheduling Everything and GTD Work Together

In this video of a speech I gave at a recent GTD-DC Meetup, I explain how an increase in time demands must lead to an approach that relies on your calendar.

As you may know, this flies in the face of David Allen’s thoughts on the matter in Getting Things Done, first edition (2001). In my talk, I worked my way to this piece of good/bad news in this examination of task management, science and GTD.

Take a look.

Article on Time Blocking

Kourosh Dini recently shared his thoughts on the concept of time blocking: On Time Blocking.

He makes a very good point – the technique is not for the beginner, for that would be like asking someone to lift heavy weights on their first visit to the gym.

That’s a great analogy!

The Controversy Between Schedulers vs Listers

My 2016 article outlined an ongoing intellectual disagreement between advocates of two very different behaviors – Listing and Scheduling. Spoiler alert: both camps represent skills that have a place in the average person’s development.

It’s a long article, but it provides an important backdrop to the work of Schedule U.

Learning to Optimize Each Day’s Plan from the Controversy Between Listers and Schedulers [ Research]