Have You Outgrown Tips and Tricks?

Leave them for beginners and craft personal solutions in an efficient way, in just three days. For free.

As a productivity enthusiast, you yearn to find advice that just doesn’t just fall into the usual bucket of bromides, memes and truisms. You want to continue making solid progress and find personal growth, but most of the advice that’s floating around is aimed at beginners. You’ve either heard it before, or can’t use it.

Here’s a possible solution. From March 3–5, 2022 over 30 of the world’s best thinkers will be gathering at the third annual Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit to share their ideas for new habits and innovative apps. And you’re invited to participate.

Their goal? To help set the agenda for the next 12 months of growth and development by the event’s participants. To make this happen, there will be free registration, plus 24-hour a day access to pre-recorded videos and lots of informal chances to interact with all attendees.

These supplement the live panel discussions, Q&A’s and interviews which give you and other summitteers a chance to quiz the experts in an efficient, online format. Plus, there will be a GTD Track for the first time to help recognize the contribution of David Allen’s seminal book, Getting Things Done. Published twenty years ago, it remains the cornerstone set of ideas most people consider first.

If you can’t make it to the summit, or know that you’ll miss some of it, we’re offering you the purchase of an All Access Pass. It gives you the convenience of replaying, rewinding and rewatching the event at your own leisure. This also means that you’ll be able to attend preferred sessions of the event without the stress of trying to see everything.

How does this help? As an opportunity to consume advanced ideas, much of what you hear is likely to be nuanced…so it deserves a careful look.

Registration is now open! Find out more here.

Francis Wade

Host / www.timeblockingsummit.info

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