Webinar: 3 Hidden Secrets to Using Contexts and Tags for Tasks in 2021

Are you using the best contexts or tags for your tasks? Or none at all?

If you read the 2001 version of Getting Things Done by David Allen, you may know that 20 years later, in an era of new technology and working from home, the original contexts must be updated and customized.

Perhaps you already use (or tried to use) your own contexts or tags, wishing that there were more clear directions. It’s hard to figure out the best way; some have even argued they are unnecessary, but is that true? Finding the right way for you is an effort in frustration.

In this webinar we’ll use the latest research to explore the secrets of task tagging i.e. contexts. You’ll learn why we use them all the time, mostly without knowing how. Yet, they are powerful when properly customized and applied.

Furthermore, you’ll see why you may need to update the way you tag your tasks in order to increase your productivity, not once but several times. You’ll see why this is especially true for ambitious overachievers: they don’t have a choice but to keep changing.

Save your spot: Thursday, January 28th 2021 at 6pm Eastern

Join us in this free, interactive session. Then, remain for a few more minutes to complete an exercise with other attendees at your private, virtual tables.

Finally, this webinar is based on a deep-dive article I wrote which will be launched during the event in text, audio and video formats.

We have a lot to learn from each other. See you there!


Update: The webinar replay is available free for a limited time here.