A New Community is Being Created

If you are a fan or follower of ScheduleU you may have detected a pivot here at 2Time Labs in the past few months. Now, we have clarified our audience and named it: The Busiest One Percent. Who are these people?

They are a tiny group of professionals who routinely create more demands on their time in a week than the 168 hours each of us gets. This comprises sleeping, working, playing, in relationships, exercising, eating, etc. They are the kind of people who come to ScheduleU for help in becoming Total Task Schedulers.

As a result, they are a bit different from their friends.

The oddity comes from the fact that they have a lot of energy which they pour into their interests without abandon. Others around them are exhausted by their pace. But it’s not a mania or psychological fault that serves as the driving force. Instead, it’s a deep commitment to make a difference in some way. Some want to save the world. Others want to win a gold medal. Many want to get rich as fast as possible.

The fact is, they are a driven bunch and no longer benefit from traditional productivity advice. They have already “been there and done that” with most gurus and their ideas which are really meant for beginners. Instead, they need more advanced assistance that goes beyond the basics and can take them to the next level.

They also want to know that there’s some Gladwell-level research behind these ideas, not just anecdata.

Up until now, these folks have been isolated. I have run into them on Reddit, various chat forums, StackExchange, ProductHunt, Quora and other places but they don’t have a community. That is…until now.

A few months ago I surveyed graduates of A Course in Scheduling here at ScheduleU and picked up on a the gap – the respondents want to be with each other.

So here we here… about to enlist the first group of Beta PlayTesters to The Busiest One Percent Community. If this resonates with you at all, consider joining us here. The action starts this week.