Update on the Community

As you may remember, a few weeks ago I invited a number of subscribers to join a Beta Community called “The Busiest One Percent.”

It’s been up and running for around five weeks and I recently extended it for a month or two. The reason?

I am learning so much from the experience about what an effective community would look like that I decided to add more time. Plus there’s more…

I also discovered that the word “Busy” as a name for this community is a problem. It has a whole lot of baggage we bring to it, from bragging about being busy to trying not to be too busy.

So we may need a new name…but not a new focus. Here’s why.

There are a group of very hard-working people in the world who are not being served. Yes, they are busy, but it’s because they:

  •     create a lot of tasks i.e. time demands. Why? It’s because they…
  •    have big commitments. Many want to change the world, raise exceptional kids, build powerhouse businesses, excel in a sport. As a result they…
  •    have calendars which they use to schedule almost everything. They know that time is their scarcest resource so they are very aware of how precious it is and how easily it is wasted. So they keep tabs on lots of stuff in their calendars, sometimes their entire life. Therefore, they…
  •    are always making trade-offs between stuff they are passionate about. They realize that “Yes” to something means “No” to a bunch of other things. Including sleep. Due to this inner drive for greatness, they…
  •    therefore have very little “free” time in the conventional sense. They effortlessly program each hour of the day with cool stuff. While others are exhausted just looking at them, they are are excited about their lives and the opportunities that present themselves each day.

 I suspect that you may belong to this group, which is why what’s happening now is so cool and so different.

 The Beta community I set up is sharpening its focus to serve professionals in this group, who I have been calling Ultra-Busys. They could also be called:

  •    MegaTaskers
  •    SuperTaskers or
  •    UltraTaskers

Or maybe they are just ordinary people engaged in MegaTasking, SuperTasking or UltraTasking…in spurts. (As you can see, I am still playing with the exact wording which is why I need your help.)

 If this community interests you at all, jump in and help me define what it is, what it’s called and who it serves. You’ll be serving this entire cohort, but also yourself at the same time. 

 You see, the clearer you are about who YOU are in terms of task management, the smarter choices you’ll be able to make. Plus, the improvements you decide to implement now and in the future will be surgical and precise, saving time and effort.

Come join in the fun.