Productivity Summit – Save the Dates

This is an interesting development… a productivity summit that will be rather unique being held on Friday/Saturday – Oct 4th and 5th.

What makes it special?

First of all, while I have participated in a number of summits by providing short presentations, this time around I am involved in the planning. Ray Sidney-Smith is the owner of this particular effort and he’s bringing together an interesting group of experts in four tracks: Productivity, Technology, Organization and Business Development. I’ll be the Track Leader for Productivity.

Furthermore, I’ll also be in charge of the Interactive Space, in which a number of quizzes, games, branched scenarios, simulations and other interactive digital activities will be offered. As you may know, these greatly enhance learning and are usually a lot of fun to play.

Usually, summit participants are only given a chance to be passive absorbers of visual and audio content. Consequently, they often give only partial attention, playing the content in the background while they do other work.

Interactives require active involvement, which leads to faster learning. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever seen this offered in a summit of any kind!

Finally, this summit takes place on a MightyNetworks community platform, within an already existing network – the Personal Productivity Club. Attending the summit actually means becoming a temporary member of the community. Once it’s over, you’ll have the opportunity to continue being a member for free.

In most summits, you don’t have an opportunity to interact with other attendees or even the presenters once their bit is done. Here, you can take several next steps to engage, share, ask questions, debate, delve into details, clarify fuzzy areas or just hang out. As you can see, this summit takes things to another level that is quite remarkable.

You may find that even if you have heard a speaker like me before, grappling with the same ideas in the form of a digital interactive or with other people is quite a different opportunity that should be a lot of fun.

Early registration is free and available here. If you can’t catch the live event on those days, or want to replay them at will in the future, there is a fee you can pay for lifetime access. The price will vary depending on the day you sign up, but the general rule is that the earlier the better.

You should also know that I am a paid affiliate of the summit and receive a monetary benefit from each paid subscription. Therefore, your contribution will help fund the work I’m doing here at ScheduleU and 2Time Labs.

So don’t miss a beat. Jump in and sign up here and let your colleagues know.


P.S. As of this moment, ScheduleU/2Time Labs will be offering more than half the summit’s interactives! More details to come.