Meetings, Awful Meetings

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a meeting that simply sucked away your very life-force? As you looked back at what brought you to that position, you may have been overwhelmed.

There were simply too many reasons why the experience was so bad, some of which seemed to be socially formidable.

A few years ago I sat down with Garrick van Buren and we had an in-depth conversation about all the powerful forces that produced such defective experiences. For example, we looked at the design of Outlook and other meeting software. Plus the social freedom people have to call superfluous meetings.

The end result we thought, would be a simple podcast – an audio recording.

But that was before I changed the format of my podcast interviews. Now, they had to produce some kind of interactive that put the discoveries from the conversation into play. With that high standard I decided to pause the release and create “something”.

Well, that something – a simulation about the culture of meetings that takes over companies unwittingly – took about a year to take from the moment of conception to its finalization.

And they are both available here. Listen to the conversation and experience the simulation. Enjoy and learn from them both!